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If you want to get to know the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia and feel its vibrations, a guided tour is a must. It will provide you with the context and history of what you see, helping you better understand how the city has grown, evolved, and its culture before and today.

Especially for participants of the 40th Varady workshop, we have created the opportunity to visit two of the area’s landmarks: a tour of the historical center of the city and a visit to the Rila Monastery.

Tours can be arranged at any time, with a minimum group of 5 people. If you need assistance or would like to make an additional inquiry about accompanying tourist programs, please contact Michaela Stoyanova at michaela@tandem-travel.com


Sofia City Tour

Departure time: 09.00h
End time: 12.00h

Let us take you to a guided tour of the Bulgarian capital- Sofia, which combines modern lifestyle and architecture with ancient history and culture.
The highlights of this tour include some of the most significant tourist sights- the impressive „Alexander Nevski“cathedral and the byzantine brick stone basilica of “St. Sofia -which gave the name of the city in 14th century, the beautiful building of the National Theater and it`s garden with fountains, the roman archeological excavations near the Presidency and the unique thermal water springs rights next to the ancient mosque-the old oriental part of Sofia.
At the end of our tour we will visit the „ Rakia museum“ and indulge our senses, by tasting a great selection of this aromatic alcoholic beverage, favourite for generations of Bulgarians.

Price per person: 80,00 Euro
Price is valid for group of min. 5 persons
Starting from hotel Rila Borovets

Rila Monastery tour

Departure time: 12.30h
End time: 18.00h

If you want to discover the spirit of Bulgaria, you should see the Rila monastery and Rila mountains. Rila Monastery was founded in the 10th century by St John of Rila, a hermit canonized by the Orthodox Church. Today it impresses its visitors with both architectural and natural beauty. Located deep in the forests of Rila mountain at altitude of 1200m, the monastery is an important spiritual, cultural and religious center for the Bulgarians and part of the UNESCO list.
You are going to visit the monastery complex with its cobblestone courtyard, winding balconies, picturesque mountain views and brightly colored frescos of the main church „Virgin Mary“, where the holy remains of St John are preserved. Together with your guide, you`re going to visit also the history museum and enjoy it`s a rich collection of old icons, wood-carvings and ethnographical items.

Price per person: 120,00 Euro
Price is valid for group of min. 5 persons
Starting from hotel Rila Borovets